On two wheels towards recovery

"Get on your bike and relax" could be the motto when you set out to explore our best-of energy filling stations along the Danube Cycle Path.

It's actually quite simple - cycling burns calories, and to keep you from falling off the saddle, you need energy. You can get them in different ways. Fortunately, there are restful places along the Danube Cycle Path where you can recharge them. In this sense, "wheel and axle break", because that’s how we wish cyclists a good cycle journey. Enjoy discovering our best-of energy filling stations.

#1 Donaulodge, Ybbs

Put your bike to one side, let your gaze wander from the Danube to the Waldviertel on the opposite side and take a deep breath. The Donaulodge in the Nibelungengau is located directly on the Danube Cycle Path and is a place of peace and cosiness. With bright, large rooms and a really fine breakfast buffet. Or you can select from the menu typical Austrian food, which is also vegan.

#2 Bee Bar, KleinPöchlarn

Don't let the name mislead you: The "Bee Bar" is not a bar, but rather an inn directly on the Danube embankment. Down-to-earth, regional cuisine as well as small snacks and refreshing drinks meet products from the bee honey manufactory. So that's where the part about the Bee comes from.

#3 Gasthof Prankl, Spitz

Gasthof Prankl is one of those inns that uphold the culinary heritage of their region. Even though the former shipmaster's house is already 500 years old, the ideas of the young owners Martin and Birgit Prankl are anything but dusty. With two toques and two forks, the couple has catapulted the inn into a new millennium. Many guests also come to stay overnight - in one of the newly renovated rooms with a terrace and view of the Danube.

#4 Greisslerei Castle,Dürnstein

The product range of the Greisslerei Castle offers all kinds of regional delicacies - from game specialities and dairy products from goats and sheep to various pestos in jars. But you can't just shop here, you can also enjoy a bite to eat right on the spot. With finger food, sophisticated dishes and regional classics: come, see and enjoy! Special tip: the Wachau beer from the brewery in Wösendorf.

#5 Wellen.Spiel, Krems-Stein

As the name suggests, you can watch the hustle and bustle of the Danube in the Wellen.Spiel café-restaurant. A homemade iced tea is a good accompaniment, and if you need a little more energy, take a look at the display case with homemade pastries from the Raimitz confectionery, which has been around for 140 years. In the evening, the wine list tempts you with fine wines from the Kremstal and Wachau regions, which you can then buy in the vinotheque at farm-gate prices. By the way, there are also cocktails for the sundowner.

#6 South deck, Tulln

It's like being on holiday at the Süddeck in Tulln: the sunset on the water is accompanied by lounge music and a menu that combines Mediterranean with Austrian. There's beefsteak tartare and one-pot lobster pasta, bellini and beer. If you've had enough of sitting after cycling, you can lie on a sun lounger and take in the view. And those staying overnight in Tulln will be pleased with the breakfast menu - there is something "for bores" and "healthy bitches" among other things.

  #7 Donaugartl Floh, Langenlebern

Knife, fork, garden shear': these are the three things you need at Donaugartl Floh in Langenlebarn. In this three-hooded inn, you'll be served a pair of garden shears that you can use to harvest your own herbs right on the spot. Everything is 100% local since the first rule is that meat, vegetables and co. have their origin within a radius of 66 kilometres. The wine list is in top form, with more than 2,000 choices, which is anything but usual. Despite the upscale cuisine, the Floh has a cosy pub atmosphere.

#8 die fischerin, Kritzendorf

“Die Fischerin" presents itself as a place of power with a "Middle Eastern" flair directly on the Danube. In the past, schnitzels were pounded here, but today Laotian beef tartar and grilled pork neck are served over the counter. Of course, Middle Eastern does not come from anywhere, because every dish is made from local ingredients. The 1930s-style swimming area, in which some of the buildings were constructed by Adolf Loos, has been completely preserved and is a feast for the eyes.

#9 Beach'Café21, Klosterneuburg

Strand'Café21 offers hours of relaxation  thanks to its beautiful location directly on the banks of the Danube at the lido at the gates of Klosterneuburg. Culinary delights merge Italian dolce vita with typical home cooking - in a retro ambience.
Tramezzini, panini and pizza on the one hand, Bernese sausages and chips on the other. The buttermilk mixes are particularly refreshing. And if you like it sweet, you should definitely try an ice cream with homemade candy shot.

#10 Humer's Uferhaus, Orth on the Danube

The recipe for the Serbian carp, for which the Humer's Uferhaus is loved, comes from grandmother Humer, and everything else here is also geared towards fish. This is accompanied by fine quality wines from local vintners. Not only does it sound coherent, it is! In the warm season, guests enjoy the view of the Danube, and when it gets cooler outside, the large panorama windows become showcases of an almost dreamy environment.