Walking with dogs

Dog-friendly hiking trails and nature parks: Freedom, fun and adventure for dogs and owners while hiking in Lower Austria.

Outdoor adventures with your dog – on Lower Austria’s most canine-friendly hiking routes. From the nature park to the reservoir: There are plenty of carefree walking and hiking routes to sniff out.

Perfect for walkies, for both dogs and owners: Whether they are on a trail or a mountain tour, in the nature park or on the water, both owners and their four-legged friends can enjoy a day in the wild outdoors in Lower Austria.

Walking with dogs by the river and around the lake

The Zwettler Bierweg route, which spans approx. 10 kilometres and can be started on the doorstep of the Hotel Schwarz Alm in Zwettl in the Waldviertel, is an adventure for two-legged or four-pawed wanderers alike. It leads through forests and meadows, and the two rivers – the Sierningbach and the Kamp – serve as dog baths and drinking bowls along the way. The Schwarz Alm itself offers a swimming pond for dogs, and a dog-friendly restaurant. The area around the Lunzer See lake in the Mostviertel is well worth a visit – and not just during heat waves in July and August. Of the many hiking routes, we recommend the Rundwanderung (circular walk) around the lake. In several parts of the route, you and your dog can dive into the lake and swim; and very brave dogs can go sailing with their owners in a hired boat!

Hiking with dogs in the mountains

Dogs who like to feel the mountain breeze in their fur will love the Rax! You can hike to this popular excursion destination, which is not far from Semmering. The 6 km Rax-Ausblicke-Tour (Rax View Tour) leads to the best viewpoints – from where you can see the Grosse Höllental and Schwarzatal valleys from above – and to the vantage point behind the Ottohaus, from where you can admire an Alpine garden. Incidentally, you can head up to the Rax plateau on the Rax cableway, which also welcomes dogs. Muzzles can be rented from the Talstation (Valley Station), so that dogs, their owners and other passengers can reach the summit without any stress. Clever owners take into account that there are sometimes lots of visitors on weekends, and realise that a visit to the Rax during the week is a great alternative!

In the nature parks: Dogs are welcome!

Don’t make your dog miss out! Let Fido enjoy Lower Austria’s most beautiful natural scenery with you. There is so much to discover in the Kamptal, Blockheide or Nordwald nature parks in the Waldviertel: Rocking stones to jump on; small streams with very pleasant-tasting water, which run through the countryside; pine cones for chewing; cool, shady hiking trails; and moorland and soft forest floors, which are particularly dog paw-friendly. On all hiking routes in the nature parks, there is a simple rule: Dogs must be kept on a lead! – But they are always welcome. A particular highlight: At the Wolfsforschungszentrum Ernstbrunn (Wolf Science Centre)  in Wildpark Ernstbrunn in the Weinviertel, dogs are invited to take a guided tour, and to see their wild relatives from a safe distance!

Themed trail on the Jauerling summit

The Jauerling summit is at the heart of the nature park of the same name, and is the highest elevation along the Danube. An approximately 3-kilometre-long themed trail to the summit packs the Jauerling’s historic and modern points of interest into a fascinating walk. The Jauerlinger Gipfelrunde (Jauerling Summit Circular Route) offers information on the history of Jauerling, its nature park communities, natural and environmental protection, and the landscape and agriculture in the nature park. Owners can learn about the area, and their furry friends can stretch their legs. Something special awaits everyone at the end of the trail – a viewpoint, or the Naturparkhaus (Nature Park House).