Anyone who is into action will love Gemeindealpe. Hikers can look forward to unforgettable ascents and equally stunning descents.

Gemeindealpe is impressive with its scenic views and exciting descents. The mountain carts and monster roller inject a big dose of action into scenic Mitterbach on crystal-clear Lake Erlauf.

Naturally crystal-clear

Gemeindealpe, elevation 1626 m, is in the heart of Ötscher-Tormäuer Nature Park. Mitterbach on Lake Erlauf is a popular starting point for hikers and ideal for swimming, fishing or diving. Enzo benches for resting. A fantastic backdrop only surpassed by summit views.

For the brave and the musical

Gemeindealpe is great to ascend and descend. Go to Terzerhaus and its large panorama terrace on foot or by lift for a stunning view from Gesäuse to Schneeberg.  Hop on mountain carts and monster rollers for a fast descent to Lake Erlauf for a refreshing dip. Our tip: Wanderbare Gipfelklaenge, delightful open-air alpine concerts every year for hundreds of hikers.

Winter adventure

Gemeindealpe is a must for winter adventure, too, featuring Lower Austria's biggest snow park and steepest slope with an incline of 70%. After a fast descent, mountain enthusiasts like to head to the local inn Wirtshaus zum Bäreneck for delicious regional dishes.

Gemeindealpe: tips from the editor