The Danube downstream. Happy hormones upstream.

So much history, so much beauty - hiking in the Wachau world heritage site is like a journey through different times and worlds.

Emerald lizards, rare bird species such as the orange hoopoe and delicate grass plants such as the Steinfeder, after which the famous wine from the region is named. Who would have thought you could find such flora and fauna on the Wachau World Heritage Trail? Conservation expert Hannes Seehofer gave us tips on the best places for biodiversity. Here is also a route recommendation taking you not only past ruins from the Middle Ages and monasteries from the Baroque era, but also in authentic Heurgen and wineries. Tour guide Christine Emberger gave us some secret facts about the periods from the Paleolithic to modern times. A peek at the seasons shows us the best time for hiking in Wachau. And, of course, apricot and wine, such as the Steinfeder, shouldn’t be left out.

Hiking compass: How to find your way.

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