Blend out everyday life with the trees.

Sensory stimulator and creativity booster, retreat and therapist. The Vienna Woods mean more than just the sum of its more than 30 forest types.

According to a proverb, “You can't be in the forest and in a bad mood at the same time”. Forest bathing trainer Bianca Forstik, who also recommends doing qigong among the trees for relaxation, knows why this is so. A chewing gum made from local pine resin proves that you can also eat the forest and that every tree has its own aroma - we spoke about this with Alpine gum founder Sandra Falkner and forest ecologist Artur Cisar-Erlach, among others. We also show you the most beautiful tours in the Vienna Woods, with one of the densest network of hiking trails in Austria. And then we have a best-of retreat for all of those who have lost themselves somewhere in the world of louder, faster and better, and want to find themselves again in the silence, mindfulness and trees.

Hiking compass: How to find your way.

With the hiking compass we show the direction.
Here you can find where the most beautiful hiking tours lead and where you can best spend the night.

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