A good descent. And a good hike.

Weinviertel, Austria’s largest wine-growing region is best discovered on foot - with a clear head, a full glass and a good appetite.

The area around Falkenstein, the wine region in north-east Weinviertel, is mostly a leisurely walk. Because you can explore the region in the same way as flying like a hawk, because the 3-Sisters-Trail through the cellar lanes makes one sociable and because the wide view over the vines and hills is inspiring. But, above all, because your backpack is lighter if you do without refreshments. Indeed, refreshments are provided along the most beautiful hiking routes in and around Falkenstein. In the cellar alleys, you will find Heurige and self-service cellars, in Poysdorf, where you can enjoy a glass of sparkling wine - just like in Champagne - and if you are romantically inclined, you better grab a picnic basket.

Hiking compass: How to find your way.

With the hiking compass we show the direction.
Here you can find where the most beautiful hiking tours lead and where you can best spend the night.

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