Delicious, scenic and unique all in one: If you want stopovers at alpine huts to be part of your tour, culinary hut hopping on Rax is the ideal way to go.

Rax is famed for its panoramic vistas but also for fun hut-hopping hikes. Regional delicacies are served plus luscious desserts and refreshing Cornelian cherry juice. It is no wonder that nearly everyone decides to stay overnight on the mountain.

Royal audience

Thanks to Austria’s first cableway, Raxalpe (2,007 m high) was already a favorite destination for outings back in 1926. It is still an ideal place for getting away from it all and enjoying the great outdoors. Rax has excellent alpine huts that provide food and lodging.

From simple fare to panoramic cup of coffee

The way is the goal here, too, but from alpine hut to alpine hut. Our tips for alpine huts: The rustic Ottohaus with its fragrant one-acre alpine garden and postcard views or rustic-modern Naturfreundehaus Knofeleben, 2014 winner of the Hüttenwahl award as best alpine hut. It has a cozy panorama room plus tasty snacks.

Hut hopping deluxe

The ascent starts with the Rax cableway taking you directly to the first hut. At the alpine inn Rax-Alm Berggasthof, comfy deckchairs await you on the sunny terrace, just the place to plan your hut hopping. You then proceed on varied trails, passing rock walls and green meadows on your way to rustic culinary highlights.

Rax aerial cableway