Not for slow-pokes: Speed junkies are flying down these toboggan runs, by day and sometimes even by night.

If you want to go all the way down, you have to go all the way up. This is usually easy on Lower Austria's toboggan runs, where you can comfortably climb the mountain using the conveyor belts. And then, after some food and drink, it's downhill again, while the track shines in the floodlight.

For relaxed, nature tobogganers: The snowy Mostviertel

In the idyllic Mostviertel, there are breathtaking natural toboggan runs, which become the unforgettable highlight of your holiday. In Annaberg, for example, there are several of these toboggan runs for some great outdoor fun. A special treat for toboggan fans: Floodlit tobogganing every Saturday next to the conveyor belt at Reidl. Another tip: Two thrilling natural toboggan runs with a length of 300 and 400 metres in Loich im Pielachtal. In the stylishly renovated Dörrhäusl of the Fink family, the Kletzen-Stüberl awaits visitors.

For super-fast panoramic tobogganists: The Viennese Alps in Lower Austria

Semmering Hirschenkogel is magical again! This time, because of the 3 km long adventure toboggan run, which you’ll want to race down again and again. An experience for the whole family - day and night! Our tip for young tobogganists: The 200m long Panhans toboggan meadow on the Semmering pass summit directly next to the children's lift. Here you can build great jumps and start gaining experience. We also have a special tip for the little mini tobogganists: The 700m long toboggan track and express tobogganing in the Winter Adventure Land St. Corona.

For comfortable toboggan runs: The refreshing Waldviertel

Fun-seeking tobogganists are in perfect hands in the Waldviertel. The 1,000-metre-long toboggan run in Reichenau am Freiwald (market town of Bad Großpertholz) is the only natural toboggan run in the Waldviertel. As soon as winter brings the first sufficient snowfall, the tobogganing fun can begin. If you don't have your own toboggan, you can hire one from the Haslinger family in the finish area. In the cross-country skiing Eldorado of Gutenbrunn, you will find perfectly groomed trails as well as a toboggan hill.