Hohe Wand nature park, © Niederösterreich Werbung/ Sebastian Scheichl

Winter hiking

Winter hiking is increasing in popularity. That is hardly surprising – after all, Lower Austria’s beautiful routes are accessible all year round.

Hikers love the varied landscape of Lower Austria. The ascents are not too steep, and the path is not too long, thanks to the wonderful views. Because the routes are also perfect for exploring in the winter, we have collected the best ones for you here.

Too beautiful to miss in the winter

Winter hikes through the beautiful scenery of Lower Austria lead you to magical spots such as the Naturpark Hohe Wand, our national park in the floodplains of the Danube (the Nationalpark Donau-Auen), or an unforgettable panoramic hiking route in the Rax mountains. After all, there is nothing better to do in the winter than to enjoy the wild outdoors, before treating yourself to a mug of hot tea. Whether you are a family group, an athlete, or a recreational hiker, Lower Austria has the perfect tour for everyone who wants to experience winter at its most beautiful.

Winter hiking above the clouds

Out of all the routes, there is one that is probably the editor’s favourite: The Zauberblick-Runde. It leads from Semmering, along the UNESCO World Heritage Site Semmering railway and passes the most beautiful vantage points in the Paradise of Scenic Views. During the three-hour tour, you can enjoy marvellous views from the top of the pass, visit the venerable Hotel Panhans – where you can enjoy turn of the century charm and taste traditional Panhans Torte made to the original recipe – before continuing past the 20-Schilling-Blick and Doppelreiteraussichtswarte, to the historic railway station. Those who want an authentic hut experience after their hike can head to the Seewirtshaus inn at the foot of the Hirschenkogels.