Tulln an der Donau

The district capital Tulln is both a harmonious small town with great quality of life and leisure, as well as a hub for the entire region. Tulln is especially known for the many possibilities related to the themes of the Danube, gardens and art. Highlights for guests are the GARTEN TULLN, the pristine water park, the idyllic Aubad, the blooming Donaulände with the unique Donaubühne and the wide range of art and culture available - especially around Tulln's most famous son Egon Schiele.

A town with history

At the time of the Roman Empire, Tulln served as the equestrian fort "Comagena" to secure the Noric Limes directly on the Danube. Findings from the founding period of Tulln can be admired in the Roman Museum. The Romanesque charnel house (around 1240), the Minoritenkirche (1732-39), the town tower (16th century), numerous gothic and baroque buildings and many other monuments all make Tulln a city full of artistic and cultural treasures.

  • Population: 16556
  • Number of beds: 680

Local activities