Animal adventures in Lower Austria

Lower Austria is a land of mountains but also of animals. How else could people be able to go on hikes with donkeys, llamas and alpacas?

Hiking with llamas and alpacas, romantic rides through the countryside, fun donkey adventures and raccoons to pet: Lower Austrian animals are always happy to see visitors – especially the ones that have a few sugar cubes in their pocket.

Exotic accompaniment:
On Ötscher and Hohe Wand

An unforgettable hike needs unforgettable companions. Our animal tip: the llamas and alpacas from Ötscher and Hohe Wand. These good-natured, fun animals are your guarantee for unique pictures; they are more than tame and make the day a very special experience!

Galloping through powder:
In Annaberg and the Wachau

Riding on horseback through the scenic alpine countryside or enjoying a cozy romantic outing for two in a horse-drawn sleigh: At Schlaglhof in Annaberg people ride all year long through the picturesque countryside. Visitors to the Wachau are in for some stubborn fun: Donkey tours await spirited day-trippers there.

Animal keeper for a day:
Buchenberg Adventure Park

Have you ever petted a raccoon? Or hiked with a pony over steep roads and explored the great outdoors in full harmony with nature? At Buchenberg Adventure Park you can do just that all winter long. Raccoon photos and feeding included as well as picnic with the donkeys!