Flussradeln in Niederösterreich, © schwarz-koenig.at

Riverside cycle trails

Glide along the river bank and enjoy the scenery from your saddle, as you leave your everyday worries behind.

You know you are cycling along Lower Austria’s riverside cycle trails when you feel the pleasant breeze from the water close by, inviting you to enjoy the cool, fresh water. Lower Austria has many riverside cycle trails, making it a perfect place for both short trips and extensive tours. As they make their way along the river banks through the unspoilt river basin landscape, cyclists are sure to find plenty of opportunities to stop and enjoy the scenery.

The Danube cycle path - The mother of all riverside cycle trails

Cyclists pedalling along the course of the great River Danube and following the Danube cycle path will find just what they are looking for to rest their tired legs. In addition to the numerous destinations offering a pleasant break from the saddle, such as Melk Abbey or the Roman settlement of Carnuntum – there are also plenty of bathing spots inviting you to enjoy the cool water. The bathing beach in Luberegg is the longest natural sandy beach along the Danube, where bigger bikers can make castles in the air while smaller cyclists build castles made of sand. Another ideal spot for a pleasant breather is the natural bathing lake in Weitenegg – located directly at the foot of the ruins. It is also quite easy to cross over to the other side of the river, thanks to the many ferries along its course, including the crossing from Dürnstein to the Danube Beach at Rossatz-Arnsdorf on the south bank.

Cycling along the river through the wide countryside

Beginning from the Danube cycle path, there are other riverside trails providing interesting detours. The Ybbstal cycle trail leads from Ybbs an der Donau towards the south, following the wild rush of the Ybbs to Lunz am See, located in the heart of the Ybbstal Alps. The route takes you through the 2.5 kilometre long ‘Ofenloch’, a natural monument in the form of a jagged rock landscape that can only be crossed by bicycle. The Kamp-Thaya-March cycle trail begins in Krems an der Donau, where the Ottenstein reservoir, the Thayatal National Park and the wine cellars of the Weinviertel are all great places to take a break from cycling. In Waidhofen an der Thaya, there is an easy detour onto the Thaya Tour cycle route, and a stop at the idyllically situated woodland pool in Groß Siegharts is highly recommended. Also on the Danube, in Traismauer, is the starting point of the Traisental cycle route, where the trail takes you between Herzogenburg and St. Pölten, riding directly beside the Traisen, and the numerous cooling places along the river bank are great for taking some summer refreshment.

The best riverside cycle routes in Lower Austria at a glance