Climbing in Lower Austria

Numerous climbing schools are on hand to help you start climbing safely or perfect your technique.

Can you remember when you climbed trees and scrambled over obstacles as a child? Even today, you can still enjoy an indescribable sense of achievement from overcoming seemingly insurmountable hurdles with your hands and feet, pushing your body and mind to the absolute limit and achieving your ambitious goal. In order to ensure you return home fit and well after your adventure, we have a number of options available allowing you to reach lofty heights safely.

Climbing courses for all abilities

The safest way to start climbing is to enrol on a course held on an indoor climbing wall or in a climbing school. Attempting to climb without prior knowledge is, quite simply, too risky. The Freakline  mountaineering school, led by outdoors expert Hannes Rottensteiner, is the first port of call for prospective climbers in the Vienna Alps. The courses offered range from climbing courses for all age groups and skill levels right through to guided private tours. The Alpinschule Peilstein school, run by the Austrian Alpine Club (Alpenverein-Gebirgsverein), offers the following courses on the Peilstein – the go-to place for climbers in the Vienna Woods – the Hohe Wand, the Rax and in Dürnstein in der Wachau: Traditional basic climbing courses for beginners, Basic courses for climbers with indoor climbing wall experience, Advanced courses as well as Courses for young people and families.

Climbing whatever the weather

If the weather gods are not smiling upon us, the Klettercenter NÖ-Süd climbing centre. Climbing training sessions are also available for children and adults in the Waldviertel at the Kletterhalle Zwettl indoor climbing wall as well as the Boulderwand Horn climbing wall.

Climbing parks for climbing enthusiasts

You can enjoy incredible heights in the climbing park at the Erlebnispark Rosenburg outdoor adventure park in the Waldviertel. All kinds of rope and bridge constructions, hanging tunnels and the opportunity to fly through the trees at the Flying Fox facility will satisfy the most adventurous of individuals. With 12 parcours sections, 85 stations and two steel rope slides in excess of 750 metres in length, boredom will not be an issue either at the Hamari-Kletterpark climbing park. The so-called “Pampers Pole” at the “Move Your Mind” high-wire park in Puchberg am Schneeberg probably requires the greatest amount of courage. Standing on a delimbed free-standing tree, fearless climbers must then let themselves fall backwards into the ropes, all from a platform the size of a snack plate positioned almost 15 metres up. All we can say is close your eyes and hope for the best!