The series of pearls

Between Nibelungengau and Carnuntum, there is a treasured series of abbeys, castles, palaces and ruins.

The Danube runs for 286 kilometres through Lower Austria – this stretch is the most culturally diverse section of the great river. Incredible castles, famous monasteries, beautiful palaces and countless relics from the Roman Era line its course.

A treasured source of food, a natural border and an ever-important transport artery: People have happily settled along the Danube since prehistoric times, even very important people. Those who ruled Austria at different periods left their mark along the banks of the Danube: Remains of Roman towns and fortresses, best preserved in the Roman city of Carnuntum, Middle Age castles and Baroque abbeys and palaces line its course.

Like a string of pearls

Travelling by boat down the Danube, you see glimpses of castle ruins at regular intervals, such as Aggstein or Dürnstein, magnificent monasteries such as MelkGöttweig or Klosterneuburg and beautiful palaces such as Artstetten, the Schallaburg or the opulent Baroque palaces of Marchfeld such as Schloss HofSchloss Niederweiden or the imperial hunting lodge, Jagdschloss Eckartsau.

Our advice: Go by bike!

It is easy to visit stunning cultural sights along the Danube by bike as well as boat. For example, take the Danube cycle route or EuroVelo 6, one of the most popular cycle routes in Central Europe, the magical bike paths in Carnuntum or the new Marchfeld canal cycle route.