The new Sommerfrische on the shores of the Lunzer See lake.

Today, not only royal hotspots are used as Sommerfrische destinations. If His Highness had been more mobile, he would certainly have visited Lunz am See.

Sommerfrische is a place where the cool lake awakens the spirit, nature is waiting to be discovered, and culture embraces you. The Lunzer See lake can offer all of that. And much more. Several hiking trails cover the area around the beautiful lake, which is tucked away between the picturesque, hilly landscape. The Rothschilds in particular played a major role in shaping this beautiful part of the Mostviertel. Here you can follow in their footsteps and enjoy a summer that couldn't be more refreshing.

The Rothschilds and the new Sommerfrische.

A shimmering emerald green lake, Austria's only natural World Heritage Site, and a landscape that makes time stand still – even the refined Rothschilds were inspired. That is why you will see many charming houses belonging to the Rothschild family close to the Lunzer See Lake, and in the Dürrenstein Wilderness Area in Langau-Rothwald. Fortunately, the entrepreneur and banker Albert Rothschild, and his sustainable and pioneering idea from 1875, made this wilderness area possible by saving the large, previously untouched forests from access for forestry purposes, and therefore from destruction. We still cannot thank him enough for that. After all, he created one of the last primeval forests in Europe. Very occasionally, guided hikes through this unique piece of land are offered. The area became Austria’s first Natural World Heritage Site in 2017. But Albert, one of Anselm von Rothschild's three sons who inherited a vast fortune from their father, also excelled in other areas. The visionary made history as a great municipal sponsor, entrepreneur and philanthropist who, along with his wife Bettina, had a lasting impact on the Mostviertel and the local forestry industry. His respectful treatment of nature is more topical and more important than ever. The untouched wilderness that he created through honourable sacrifice is impressive. Just like the family's architectural legacy. Numerous houses belonging to the Rothschild dynasty were built between the villages of Lackenhof and Langau near Gaming at the end of the 19th century. They are reminiscent of Swiss chalets, and are still enchanting today. The former family lodges, the forest administration, the hunting lodge and the former post office are now over 100 years old. But they are just as beautiful as ever.

It is precisely this visionary truthfulness and untouched naturalness that make the idyllic Lunzer See Lake and the refreshing area around it a very special place today. You can feel at one with nature and yourself. You can not only enjoy culture and cuisine, but life itself. That is all on offer at the new Sommerfrische in Lower Austria. It is finally time to wind down.

Refreshingly exercise.

Naturally, this beautiful landscape wants to be discovered. It's good that several hiking trails lead through this refreshing region, the nature of which is characterised by rich green and blue tones. The Rothschild family probably also walked around the beautiful Lunzer See Lake or went on a hike to the Herrenalm hut in Langau. Parts of the unique wilderness area can also be hiked through. It is nestled around the Dürrenstein and is home to several rare animal and plant species. Although it is primarily a forest reserve, it is also home to alpine lawns, rocky areas, and mountain pastures. That is why many alpine species live in this breathtaking protected area – from the alpine salamander to the Ural owl, and from the lynx to the golden eagle. Visitors therefore only have access to guided themed hikes and signposted tracks and hiking trails. There are two ways of exploring the wilderness by yourself. You can either hike along the pleasant Eulenweg – or follow the long, difficult panorama tour route to the Ybbstalerhütte, where you can stay overnight following a tough but magnificent ascent. You can cool off underground on the Lackenhof – Ötscher stalactite cave – Schindelhütte inn hiking route. The stalactite cave is refreshing. It will hopefully be accessible again soon, which is great news.

There is another very refreshing hiking route for beer fans: the GeBIERgsweg Gaming (Krügerl circular route). It is legendary, because a visit to the Karause Gaming (Gaming Charterhouse) is practically an obligation. After all, the Charterhouse, which was inaugurated in 1342 and secularised in 1782, is the largest in Central Europe. In its heyday it was one of the richest monasteries in Austria. That is still evident today. The 4* Hotel Kartause Gaming is a perfect place to wind down in. The church, baroque library and prelate hall inspire the spirit, despite the fact that – or maybe because – they exude a very special calm. In the on-site brewery, you can watch Kartausenbräu beer being made, and taste it.

Switching off while fishing is a wonderful feeling. The region is also known for, in a nutshell: Ybbstal trout. In the Lunzer See Lake, in Göstling an der Ybbs you can easily pursue this hobby – or discover fishing for yourself. Going fly fishing in Opponitz is particularly thrilling. And because culture is always a part of Sommerfrische, we have another tip for you – the contemporary wellenklaenge Festival takes place every year on the stage on the shore of the Lunzer See Lake. It will run this year from 17 July to 1 August, under the slogan “Verbunden & Vernetzt” (“Connected and networked”).

Summer dreams between venerable old walls.

The idyllically situated Hinterbreiteneben chalet, as well as the age-old Holzknechthütte, have belonged to the Hoyos family for many, many years. The Schlosstaverne in Lunz am See is particularly refreshing. This hidden gem is in the middle of the forest, and offers a wonderful view of the Scheiblinstein mountain. In the Lunz Am See Handicraft Museum, which is a short walk away, you can find out where the expression “dirt under the carpet” comes from.