Via ferratas in Lower Austria

Mountain enthusiasts can enjoy numerous opportunities to navigate via ferratas in Lower Austria, whatever their ability.

It is not without reason that navigating via ferratas is extremely popular. It is an easy activity to pick up and, with via ferrata climbing sets ensuring your safety, you do not need extensive knowledge prior to embarking on your first few simple tours. However, given that navigating via ferratas can have fatal consequences, we highly recommend the courses and guided tours offered by mountaineering schools in order to get started.

Via ferratas for beginners and families

The “Bergmandl” via ferrata on the Hochkar in Göstling an der Ybbs is tailor-made for all the family and provides a safe via ferrata experience, with the rocky areas along the tour offering several escape routes. There are two via ferratas located in the Vienna Woods that are particularly recommended for children and beginners: The via ferrata in the municipality of Mödling offers an incredible view of the surrounding area from virtually anywhere, and the Peilstein via ferrata, which is secured with ropes, clamps and short ladders, leads past a cave and is ideal for combining with a circular hike around the Peilstein. The route on the Ernst-Graf-Hoyoschsteig via ferrata, which has been newly constructed by the Austrian Alpine Club (Österreichischer Gebirgsverein), is well marked out and offers an unforgettable experience owing to its tranquillity and stunning views of other via ferratas. The highlight of the Frauenluckensteig via ferrata for moderately advanced climbers in the central section of the Hohe Wand is the intrepid iron ladder through the 15 metre high vertical cave shaft, known as the “Frauenlucke”.

Via ferratas for advanced climbers

Mountain enthusiasts will love the “Heli Kraft” via ferrata on the Hochkar. This challenging sports via ferrata impresses with its steep entry pillar, a nearly 350 metre long traverse with rope bridge and two shorter rope bridges. The Hanselsteig via ferrata on the Hohe Wand has two particular features that will astound you. The so-called “Karnitschstüberl”, located beneath gigantic overhangs, offers a spectacular view, while the “Hanselkamin” impresses with its sloping ladders. The most renowned via ferrata in the Eastern Alps is the demanding Haidsteig via ferrata in the Rax mountain range. It navigates the Preinerwand mountain range following a particularly exposed route, offering incredible views for advanced climbers over its considerable length.

Outdoor adventure and mountaineering schools offering a safe mountain experience

The Schi- und Bergsteigerschule Schneeberg school, run by mountain guide Peter Groß and located in Puchberg am Schneeberg, is on hand to help climbers get started and accompany them on private guided tours on easy as well as challenging terrain. The mountain guides and guides from ALPS also offer an unforgettable and safe experience with their courses designed for fearless beginners and advanced climbers.