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Christmas biscuits

Christmas classics made easy: our recipes for a delightful Christmas!

Mixing the ingredients, kneading the dough... mmmh... it smells so good! Like cinnamon, mulled wine and gingerbread spice. With our favourite biscuit recipes we shorten your waiting time for the Christ Child.

Our favorite Christmas recipes

Cider biscuits, © Mostviertel Tourismus/

Cider biscuits

Smart! The Binder family from the Mostheurigen "Zur Steinernen Birne" shows us how a dash of pear refines the classic short pastry. A recipe that is certain to succeed.

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Grammel biscuits, ©

Grammel biscuits

Grammel biscuits are a recipe from grandma's farmer's kitchen. The typical Heurigen speciality fits perfectly into the Advent season and brings back childhood memories. We prove that it always tastes best at Granny´s.

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Loaf of bread, © Daniela Führer

Loaf of bread

A sweet taste experience that surprises. Gitti Fally's loaves of bread do not taste savoury, but like chocolate, nuts, cinnamon and icing sugar. How does it achieve the perfect deception? Discover the secret here…

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Weinviertel Weinbeisser, © Weinviertel Tourismus

Weinviertel Weinbeisser

This classic Christmas biscuit isn't just found at the Christmas markets in the Weinviertel Kellergassen during the advent period. So we could bake them back at home, master confectioner Ingrid Aigner from Eisenhuthaus in Poysdorf wrote up the recipe for "Weinviertel Weinbeisser" for us. The best bit for us is biting into them when they're still warm before the lemon glaze goes on.

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Weinviertler Hausfreunde, © Weinviertel Tourismus/Cherie Hansson

Weinviertler Hausfreunde

Traditionally the Christmas biscuits in the Weinviertel are called "Weihnachtskrapferl". Discover how to prepare the homemade delicacies, the most popular Weinviertler Christmas biscuits, here.

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