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Hiker meets summit: Mountains in Lower Austria

For alpinists, weekenders, hikers and all those who want to become one.

Past traditional huts, mellow landscapes and unique panorama views: don’t miss out on the hiker-friendly mountains of Lower Austria.

The right mountain for each and every hiker
Manageable stages for families, extensive and challenging tracks for masters: the mountains of Lower Austria have the right trail for everyone. Hiking is particularly nice in the Mostviertel and the Vienna Alps with their flavoursome herbs, dense pine forests and mellow mountains pastures.     

At home above 1,000 meters
Numerous quaint as well as modern mountain huts with excellent kitchen and breathtaking views tempt one to stop for a bite or stay for the night. The real beauty of it is known only to those who have been up there. This is why we have compiled the best summer mountain offers for you.   


Hiker meets summit: Mountains in Lower Austria

Hohe Wand, © Robert Herbst

Hohe Wand

Hohe Wand has magnificent views of countryside that is a true a paradise of vistas. This area is an absolute favorite of hikers, climbers and…

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Muckenkogel, © weinfranz.at


Muckenkogel and its exciting theme trails are inviting destinations for visitors to discover and explore. You are sure to find your place in the sun…

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Vienna Alpine Range mountain, © Franz Zwickl

Vienna Alps

The arc described by the Vienna Alps draws eyes and thoughts across the landscape and delights the palate – a region best-experienced with all the…

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Hutwisch mountain, © Franz Zwickl


Hutwisch is the high point in the hill country known as the Bucklige Welt. This calming landscape and the enjoyable trails whisk a hiker’s every day…

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Eibl, © weinfranz.at


An adventure that could not be more varied. Eibl offers a host of outdoor activities that appeal in equal measure to romantics and to athletes.

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Hochbärneck, © weinfranz.at


At Hornbärneck you venture a look at the stars before the “region’s movie theater” invites you to its next performance. A natural spectacle of a…

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